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Thomas' Work.

Key Acknowledgements

2020 - RIBA Bronze Medal Nomination

2020 - AJ Student Prize Nomination 

2022 - RIBA West London Architects Group Prize for Best MArch 1 Portfolio WINNER

2023 - Chosen to represent the University of Westminster at the Dezeen School Shows

2023 - MArch 2 design prize: The Shoaib Rawat Memorial Prize Nomination

MArch 2

Trans[port]: Logistics Market

Trans[port]: logistics market is a hybrid design project that collides warehouse logic with retail markets and goods consumption. Trans[port] offers a high-tech on-port distribution solution whilst building a public connection between the city and the port. The building has two functions; one explores the distribution, packing and storing of goods, and the other expresses the buying, selling and consuming of goods.


MArch 1

Sets in Motion: Architecture & the Spatial Arts of Cinema

Sets in motion explores vision through framing and the picturesque nature of the Alexandra Palace park landscape. A body of research in cinema has led me to propose an independent filmmaker facility where the architecture and landscape become a backdrop for content. A series of points of view site mappings create a drawing system that guides the proposal and creates pockets of solid and void. The proposal utilises the level change of the park by being integrated into the slope and maintains views over the panorama. It was vital to celebrate the park's community and provide a facility that is fully accessible from all areas of the landscape. The facility allows independent filmmakers to take the entire process of producing a film, from planning to marketing.

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